OBiBa Rock Documentation

Rock is the OBiBa’s R server which intends to be easy to install and to use. Rock exposes a REST API which can be used by any client application with HTTP communication capability. The R server engine is based on Rserve that Rock uses to manage stateful R sessions.

Targeted at individual studies and study consortia, OBiBa software stack (Opal, Mica etc.) provides a software solution for epidemiological data management, analysis and publication. While Opal, the core data warehouse application, provides all the necessary tools to import, transform, describe and analyze data, Mica provides everything needed to build personalized web data portals and publish content of research activities of both studies and consortia.

Opal uses Rock to constitute clusters of R servers and to dispatch the analysis requests on multiple hosts.

Partners and Funders

The development of this application was made possible thanks to the support of our partners and funders:





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